The US government sent me to Honduras after graduating college. I practiced swinging in my hammock, read a ton of fiction, and taught sustainable agriculture in the hills of the arid south. It was 27 months living poor with Mama Peace Corps. I loved it and, upon returning home to Oregon, I went on to work with the premier certifier for organic farm supplies.

Your correspondent

After seven years of progressive positions at this enterprising nonprofit, it was time for a change. I decided to get an MBA. This time I decided to move north instead of south. I went to Vancouver BC  to do my masters at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia.

I call myself a business geek, but I think that that term may need some clarification. I am curious in how businesses make their way. Mostly, though, I want to collect stories about how businesses have broken out of the standard template.

I am restarting my blog to match it to my interest in helping start-ups find and refine product/market fit, improve customer experience, and grow profitably.

Through my background in B2B strategy, marketing, and communications, I have honed my senses for analyzing and improving customer experience through web, voice, and paper. Most recently, I led a team to improve the user experience and customer engagement skills of teams at SAP.

As an expert facilitator and design strategist, my work employs leading design tools like Lean Startup, Validation Broad, and Business Model Canvas, and techniques like ethnographic research, personas, and rapid prototyping.